pp_troy_burmeister_smpp_sarah_tarraf_smSarah Tarraf, Director, Analytics and Troy Burmeister, Data Scientist present “Open Up the Open Source Mindset: Tapping into the Data Scientist’s Toolbox to Solve Research Challenges” at Big Data World—a new ESOMAR conference exploring the world of big data with a multi-dimensional approach: from business to marketing strategy, from technology to innovation, from software to artificial intelligence. In short: from big data to smart data!

Kick off your Big Data World experience with this three-hour, hands-on tutorial that will prime you for deeper and more practical learnings throughout the conference.

Set the stage by hearing firsthand about the growing significance of data science and the open source community in research. Then, jump into a four-phase practicum to engage with—and put into play—foundational open source tools to solve a traditional research challenge…all in real-time. Bring your laptops and be ready to learn how to 1) install R and Python and read in data; 2) clean and restructure the data with Python; 3) leverage R to mine the data for insights; 4) create web-ready visuals in Python.

Coming out of this session, you will gain confidence in accessing and applying open source tools to your own data-driven challenges. Specifically, you will have the step-by-step instructions and code needed to install and begin working in two essential open source languages, as well as the structure of code required to perform standard data cleaning and analysis. Throughout the workshop, we will pepper in examples of the advantages of open source in our ongoing work to underscore the impact of these tools in an industry that has long relied on proprietary software and technologies.

Opening up the open source mindset in your organization will encourage innovation, collaboration and efficiencies, and arm you with the contagious spirit necessary to remain relevant in a changing industry.

Sara_Troy at ESOMAR 2 Sarah_Troy at ESOMAR
Couldn’t make it to Berlin? No worries! Click here to view the workshop slides and here for the post-conference wrap up.


pp_brett_bridges_smE-Tabs and Keen as Mustard Marketing bring together in-house expertise, guest speakers and a client side perspective to demonstrate the benefits of excellent communication of insights and data visualization during Viz-Fest 2016, a four-day webinar series.

Brett Bridges, Director, Arti|fact joins the speakers cast on Day 2 (Deliverables and Communications) to present Leveraging Immersion Techniques to . In this session, attendees will explore how to use immersive techniques to grow engagement with stakeholders—as future-minded researchers are leveraging techniques to deepen understanding of diverse communities from a cultural and community-driven perspective.

Please inquire to Marketing | Media | Speaking Requests on our Connect page for further details on this presentation.

Orlando, FL

pp_amy_perifanos_smAmy Perifanos, Vice President, Arti|fact will co-present with Richard Scionti, Partner, Technology & Analytics Practice Lead, Cambiar, LLC at the AMA 2016 Annual Conference: Answers in Action. In the 2-hour workshop Publish or Perish: Driving Relevance, Reach and Resonance of Insight Through Curation, Perifanos and Scionti will present the principles of data curation to organize, annotate and stage data; mindset shifts, skillsets and tools for socializing insights; and a framework to begin to activate within organizations.

In market research, especially custom research, we often obsess about the now of each project.  However, for marketers that project is one piece in a potential mosaic of consumer and market understanding.  How can you use concepts of data curation and technology to drive better lifetime value of data and actionability of insights?

Attendees will be among top B2B and B2C marketers from GE, Google, Unilever, Odyssey, LinkedIn, Elevator Agency, Hyatt Hotels Corporation, Verizon, Gogo, Jim Beam, Coca-Cola Freestyle, Mensch on a Bench, Hu Products, Tate & Lyle, CDW, TopGolf, Hershey, SAP, Shinola, NBC Universal, WhiteWave Foods and FedEx. Register now at

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Park City, UT

Mike Serpetti, Data Scientist, Marketing Sciences presents “The Researcher’s Paradox: A Further Look on the Impact of Large Scale Choice Exercises” with Megan Peitz, Sawtooth Software at the 19th Annual Sawtooth Software Conference.


MaxDiff is ideal for determining preference order, yet becomes problematic for large item-sets.  Design techniques including Sparse and Express address these issues, but not enough large item-set research exists.  This research explores and validates both methods with real respondents on a set of 100 items to determine which is better.

Sawtooth Software conferences are renowned for their practical, practitioner-oriented focus and depth in the fields of choice/conjoint analysis, segmentation, and data collection/analysis. It is a forum to exchange ideas, network, and learn about quantitative methods in marketing research.

Please inquire to Marketing | Media | Speaking Requests on our Connect page for further details on this presentation.

New Orleans, LA

pp_michael_alioto_smMichael Alioto, Vice President, Global joins the exclusive ESOMAR TV panel discussion What Are the Skills You Need To Be a Top Researcher in 2017 and Beyond? on Day 2 of the 2016 ESOMAR Congress event. Tune in to Channel 3 to catch the panel discussion live, and ask your questions to the interviewees through the interactive side bar chat option or via twitter #ESOMARTV.

In case you missed it, watch as he discusses the skills needed to be a top research in the short term, how to acquire them, and what exactly a “top researcher” is.

Boston, MA

Director, Analytics Sarah Tarraf and Data Analyst Claire Gilbert present “Unraveling Path to Purchase: Untangling the Consumer Journey & Piecing it Back Together” at AMA’s 2016 Advanced Research Techniques (ART) Forum.

pp_sarah_tarrafpp_claire_gilbertAs market researchers, we talk a lot about path to purchase. However, as analysts, we struggle to identify an effective analytic approach to uncover a consumer’s path and make this information actionable to end users. This presentation will provide an overview of a questioning framework and analytic technique used to effectively capture consumer-reported engagement with marketing touchpoints and path to purchase – allowing us to move beyond strictly analytically derived models and integrate the consumer back into consumer path to purchase.

The annual ART Forum explores the latest developments in marketing analytics and develops a network of colleagues who are serious about solving problems and advancing the field of marketing.

Please inquire to Marketing | Media | Speaking Requests on our Connect page for further details on this presentation.


Camille NicitaWomen In Research kicks off its annual webinar series this month with an unconventional approach! President & CEO Camille Nicita joins a panel discussion highlighting three skills critical to landing C-suite status alongside fellow research luminaries Eileen Campbell of IMAX and Diane Hessan of C Space.

Following the webinar, attendees will have the opportunity to vote for the skills they’d like to see drive the educational content for the remainder of the webinar series.

To register, please visit here.

New York, NY

Susan ScarletPP_Camille_NicitaPresident & CEO Camille Nicita and Vice President, Strategic Branding Susan Scarlet will challenge, discover and grow through leadership and change at The Advertising Research Foundation’s Re! Think 2016 in New York.

Joined by the advertising and measurement industry’s best and brightest, they’ll meet the leaders that take risks, hear challenges and calls to action from the C-Suite, and learn from Young Pros.

Orlando, FL

Join us at The Market Research Event as we explore a new kind of experience to gaining and applying wisdom to make better consumer-minded decisions. Scientists (i.e. “big” data analysts), Seekers (i.e. primary researchers), and Curators (i.e. synthesizers/storytellers) make up the new approach to Decision Intelligence and play an active role in understanding the consumer. Our ‘cast of characters’ will explore how one organization has gone about understanding a very important consumer through the lens of big data, primary research, and immersive storytelling; while providing an interactive experience to help solve a true-to-life consumer-related challenge.

PP_Camille_Nicitasmpp_jason_solackSusan Scarletpp_jeannie_votaw

President & CEO Camille Nicita advocates for a purposeful approach to change in Part One and Part Two of her video series.

To schedule a time to join our experience, please contact:

We hope to see you there!


St. Louis, MO

Grepp_Crystle_Uyedapp_greg_heistg Heist, Chief Innovation Officer and Crystle Uyeda, Director, Business Development join hundreds of change agents committed to innovation, advancement, and increasing value at MRA’s 5th annual Corporate Researchers Conference in St. Louis. Join us as Greg delivers IQ+EQ: Converging “Big Data” and Primary Research in the Era of Decision Intelligence 

It’s rare to see an analytical model informing research; or an ad hoc study driving a predictive framework. Yet, as data becomes more varied and voluminous inside organizations, so too does the pressure to leverage it to drive business outcomes. Likewise, approaches that uncover why consumers behave as they do continue to support bottom-line strategies. Without empathic knowledge, organizations fail to build their EQ. 

In this session, learn how primary data can, and should, be linked with “hard” data streams to inform smarter decision making. This more “outside in” and holistic way of thinking represents the new norm in building a reciprocal relationship between companies and consumers. 


From insightful research to decision intelligence, we stand at the ready. How can we help you?

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