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It’s one thing to understand customers and all their complexities. It’s quite another to transform that understanding into meaningful business outcomes. That’s where we come in.


Combine customer understanding and business application to drive customer-minded growth.


Engage Your Customers as Stakeholders

As one of the most important stakeholders in business, customers are often viewed in a myopic way – capturing only snippets of their lives and perspectives. Engage customers as stakeholders through a purposeful engagement framework that connects internal teams to customers in a more authentic way. Shift the relationship from treating customers as takers of a product or service to engaging them as creators of the product or service to foster reciprocity and meaningful growth.

Common ways we support engaging Customers as Stakeholders
  • Online Research Communities
  • Live and Virtual Qualitative Research & Ethnographies
  • Segmentation & Customer Journey Mapping
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Maximize Insights with Activation

Ensure insights generated infiltrate the organization through purposeful activation strategies that educate, inspire, and drive stakeholders to act. With a range of communication channels at your fingertips, engage stakeholders through purposefully curated content and experiences that showcase the business implications of your newfound consumer understanding.

Common ways we support the Activation Spectrum
  • Develop communication assets to guide empathy and understanding
  • Bridge insights with strategy through storytelling and alignment to guide focus
  • Lead facilitated workshops and training sessions
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Build Brands that Help Customers Acheive their Goals

Customers expect more from brands than ever before. Because of this, organizations must push beyond simply offering products and services that meet their needs to truly help them live their best lives. Having a clear identity and value proposition that resonates and differentiates brands is a start but take it a step further by building a brand that offers customers a reciprocal value exchange.

Common ways we support Brand Development
  • Brand Positioning
  • Value Proposition & Brand Purpose
  • Brand Portfolio & Architecture
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Ensure Innovation is Human-Centered, not Human-only

Customer-centered organizations are building innovation processes that support agile opportunities, often adopting frameworks from design-thinking, human-centered design, or Jobs-to-Be-Done. And while these are important avenues to incorporate the customer perspective into innovation processes, it is equally as essential to explore the business and market equation to ensure disruptive innovation takes hold. Build from deep consumer understanding to uncover new avenues for opportunities, moving past incremental to create new streams of customer acquisition and loyalty.

Common ways we support Innovation
  • Need Empathy & Immersion
  • Future Domain Mapping & White Space Identification
  • Human-Centered Design Sprints
  • Innovation Communities
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Engage Employees and Transform Your Organization

While most organizations have a customer-centric vision, translating that throughout the organization can be the real challenge. It requires dedicated focus and alignment to translate that vision into organizational strategies that make a true impact on customers. Executing the human side of transformation is complex but also critical when striving for sustained change.

Common ways we support Organizational Transformation
  • Stakeholder Alignment, Diagnosis, & Vision Planning
  • Internal Communication Asset Development
  • Activation Workshop Facilitation
  • Transformation Monitoring & Measurement
  • Employee Communities
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