Whether your innovation objectives are incremental or breakthrough, our multidisciplinary talent doesn’t stop at looking to today’s trends to pinpoint possibilities. We leverage proprietary frameworks to analyze how existing and future forces at play will shape tomorrow, and provide a comprehensive view of unarticulated need states. This deep, multidimensional understanding—when integrated with the unique capabilities, strategies, and strengths of your brand—brings to bear ownable white space opportunities.

Human-Centered Design

Adopting a human-centered design mindset to deploy processes such as design thinking or jobs to be done, Gongos partners with organizations to triangulate human insights with market potential and brand equity to define the future of their offerings. Our carefully crafted guardrails ensure that we’re not stifling creativity or biasing thinking, while ensuring forward momentum to keep up with the pace of change in the market. We work hand in hand with your teams, to meld our processes with yours, to gain human understanding, define the future category landscape, develop innovation roadmaps and even support implementation strategies.

Need & Empathy Immersions

Infusing empathy into organizational strategy is an ongoing journey—nimble and adaptive to the ever-changing environment. To achieve this, stakeholders need to immerse in consumers’ lives and internalize their needs, lifestyles and perspectives, both within and beyond your category. Through projective techniques and immersive strategies, Gongos brings targeted audiences to life, enabling empathetic connections and understanding among stakeholders charged with customer-centric decision making.

White Space Identification

Consumers expect brands to keep up with their rapidly changing needs, yet don’t have the ability to predict what the future holds. Our framework assesses lifestyles, market and competition to understand functional, emotional, and aspirational unmet or under-met needs. Through white space exploration, territories are created, guiding product, service, and brand strategies that best align to your needs and those that you are uniquely positioned to own.

Ideation & Concept Development

Moving from identifying opportunities to market launch requires iterative strategies that push the status quo and drive incrementality or category disruption. Partner with Gongos’ team of creative strategists to facilitate ideation sessions that inspire thinking and build the capability of human-centered innovation within your organization. From written concepts to sketches to simplistic renderings, our teams enable rapid testing of ideas to ensure customers understand the potential solution and can support prioritization efforts to build an optimized innovation blueprint for the future.