Humans are complex. Understanding their behaviors, perceptions, and motivations goes well beyond rational ask-answer approaches. Comprehending the whole human incorporates emotional and physical discovery, as well as environmental and contextual trends that influence decision making. Our researchers and storytellers begin and end with your business challenge. Because to us, insight isn’t enough. It has to be set in motion. And that means connecting the “what,” the “why,” and the “what’s next,” to your organization’s objectives.

Segmentation & Personas

One of the most essential platforms for understanding consumers in a world where personalization is expected is segmentation. Highly rigorous, yet distillate in nature, they provide a way for organizations to create customized communication and experience strategies at scale. Purposefully blending art with science, we leverage these instruments of understanding through the lens of your business needs, bridging the gap between stats and stories, insights and implementation. Equally as important, personas enable organizations to connect with consumers by bringing segments to life. From video stories to true-to-life reenactments, our segmentations are illustrated via any medium necessary from which to create campaigns and bolster decision making.

Research Communities

As a cornerstone of customer-centric organizations, communities genuinely empower internal teams to treat customers as stakeholders. These online environments are more than just a technology—they offer a strategic opportunity for your organization to forge ongoing connections with consumers. And when suitable, can become an important touchpoint in your customers’ experience. As your strategic partner, we guide meaningful layers of discussion between consumers and your organization to answer a wide breadth of research questions, to gain and build upon insights efficiently. Beyond that, these forums have moved beyond sources of pure insight generation to strategic tools informing all areas of the business.

Brand Strategy & Positioning

Consumers increasingly look to brands as a significant reflection of their lifestyle and values. This truism creates an opportunity for brands to have a positioning and differentiated voice that resonates and delivers on consumer needs. In a society that is constantly being reshaped, ensuring your brand strategy is poised to navigate consumer sentiments, while going beyond a transactional relationship, is essential. Gongos helps organizations uncover unmet needs, ladder to emotional connections, and translate into purposeful strategy and positioning for internal alignment and external articulation.