In a world where the average person visits hundreds of online domains each day, recollection of behaviors is a challenge and connecting with consumers digitally can feel like shooting at a dartboard blindfolded. If you are lucky enough to make that connection, creating a reciprocal value exchange is even more of a feat. But on the flip side, with consumers now in a digital-first era, market researchers have access to more data than ever before—data that can drastically alter the way we think about customer centricity.

With so many types of behavioral data in the market today, getting started can feel overwhelming. The input might not be pretty but learning to embrace the messiness of behavioral data is the first step towards developing strategies that will follow you through the future of this dynamic digital sphere.

In our session, Building your Digital Strategy: A Behavioral-Minded Approach, Lisa Speck, Senior Analytics Translator, Gongos, and UGA MMR graduate, will explore ways in which organizations can extract tremendous data from passively tracked digital behavior, and more importantly, how to translate and activate on those insights to propel customer-centric digital strategies. We will also discuss ways in which to get started, and what to look for in a strategic partnership.

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