Director, Customer Experience, Sarah Tarraf and Vice President, Design & Creative Communication, Amy Perifanos present “Reimagining the Retailer Partnership for Enhancing the Shopper’s In-Store Experience” at the National Confectioners Association’s webinar series ‘Sweet Insights: Unwrapped – A Digital Learning Series.’

In this webinar, participants will be inspired by the customer experience ecosystem to understand how: investing in great in-store experiences yields complementary benefits for manufacturer and retailers alike; applying best-in-class strategies from other industry CX practices stands to innovate the sweet and snack shopping experience; and integrating the digital and human experiences provides competitive advantage.

Sweet Insights: Unwrapped is a digital learning series addressing industry trends and opportunities that will grow businesses. The webinar series will dive deeper into trends and topics highlighted during the 2019 Sweets & Snacks Expo. For further information and/or to register, please visit here.