President & CEO, Camille Nicita & Director, Customer Experience, Sarah Tarraf partner with Michigan State University’s Broad College of Business ‘CXM@MSU’ program, presenting workshop “Operationalizing Customer Centricity: Overcoming Internal Barriers with Relationship Manager, Customer Experience, John Joba leading roundtable session on “How to Calculate CX ROI” at the Spring 2019 CXofM Best Practices Symposium: Understanding Customer and Engaging Employees.

Knowing and acting on customer needs is perhaps the most important competitive advantage an organization can build. And while most organizations believe in putting the customer front and center, few have the checks and balances in place to ensure customer centricity is operationalized as a strategy for growth.

Leveraging its DICE Assessment, Gongos unveils key barriers to acting on customer centricity and ways to build momentum to transform beliefs into lasting behaviors.

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