You’ve probably heard them referred to as Post-Millennialsthe iGeneration or Zoomers. Born between 1997 and 2012, Gen Z is the world’s largest generation cohort, accounting for one third of the global population. 

Gen Z have the fastest-growing disposable income, a figure expected to reach $33 trillion over the next decade. So, what will this uber-woke generation do with their lives (and money)? What do they expect from brands? Who are their role models? What is their view on careers and success? How do they take care of their mental health? And what role does the Metaverse play in their lives? 

Based on new proprietary research amongst 1,000 consumers in the US, and fueled by brand illustrations from around the globe, Joeri Van den Bergh, Co-Founder and Future Consumer Expert at InSites Consulting will highlight how this generation is already shaping future consumer behavior and influencing brands.

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