David Robbins, VP of Client Consulting, and Sam Herzing, Strategy & Implementation Lead, will be presenting on The Link Between Purpose-Driven Companies and Customer Experience: An HBR Analytics Study.

Insights professionals have long been adept at measuring traditional drivers of loyalty and experience. But how many understand the organizational influences on those very drivers? Researchers play an important role in helping leaders comprehend the power of their corporate purpose in shaping customer experience.

In partnership with HBR Analytics, Gongos explored the relationship between purpose and its impact on the customer experience—and bottom line. In this session, David and Sam will explain what “customer-committed companies” do differently as they live out their purpose.

Camille Nicita, President & CEO, will join Piere La Mahn, Ipsos, and Melanie Courtright, Insights Association, in a panel discussion on The Future of Insights, from an Agency Perspective.

Lisa Speck, Senior Analytics Translator, will be joining Carl Van Ostrand, VP of Customer Insights at DISQO for The Exponential Rise of Digital: The Critical Role of Behavioral Data in Brand Health. This virtual presentation will inspire organizations on how they can marry in-house digital metrics with large-scale observational data and primary survey data to uncover new insights and strategies to better compete digitally.

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