Senior Analytics Translator, Lisa Speck and Principal, Deckchair Data, Chris Robson present “The Analytics Translator: The Role You Can’t Afford to Be Without” at Converge 2019: The Intersection of Data Science, Market Research & Analytics.

Companies are feeling pressure to invest more in analytics than ever. But building platforms, tools and data science is not enough. Organizations must evolve as a whole and ensure they are marching toward a shared goal. This requires the emerging role of the “analytics translator.” In this session, discover how analytics translators help break down silos to create a common language; identify ways to sharpen your analytics organization through various stages of maturity; and learn how to identify translator talent and traits inside your organization.

Converge is a forum designed to advance teams and companies from being data-driven to being truly insight-driven. For further information on the conference and/or to attend, please visit here.