Chief Operating Officer, Katherine Ephlin and Chief Innovation Officer, Greg Heist will present session “It’s Not Just About the Space: Leading with Purpose in Your Office Transition” at ASE’s 2019 Annual HR Conference in Novi, Michigan.

Everyone knows you can’t manufacture culture. But enhancing a company’s culture through the purposeful interplay of spatial design, a flexible environment, and collaborative technology requires strategic planning and a well‐executed change management approach. Join Katherine and Greg as they share the impetus and long‐term vision behind Gongos’ transformational move; how to implement change management strategies to constantly nurture employee mindset and behavioral shifts; and ways to empower your employee base to build new habits and establish norms for lasting cultural impact.

The 2019 ASE Annual HR Conference is a highly-anticipated conference for HR professionals at all levels. The conference delivers the tools HR professionals need to further develop their organizations’ most important asset: their people and be prepared for the future of HR. For further information and/or to attend, please visit here.