With the arrival of Old Saint Nick this holiday, it is expected that he will leave around 5 million iPads under Christmas trees throughout America. Add that to the already 8 million sold, and you have one in every 25 Americans owning an iPad by New Years Day.

If the past ten years could be defined as the decade of the smartphone, then the next ten could certainly be considered the decade of the tablet. Soon enough, Apple will be joined by Microsoft, HP, Samsung, RIM and Google in the tablet market.

With some heavy hitters in the media industry hailing the iPad as the savior—and future—of publishing, it begs the question, how will the surge of the tablet impact the research industry?

As I go offline to enjoy the holidays over the next week or so, that’s one of the things I’ll be thinking of and blogging about after the holidays.

Wishing you a happy, healthy and gadget-filled holiday –

Santa with iPad

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