Greg Heist, Chief Innovation Officer offers his insights on storytelling to help drive organizational change during his guest appearance on the Tell Podcast with Ryan Koral, Founder & President of Tell—a video production agency that helps businesses and non-profits share stories that captivate, influence, and sell.

WTCP-006-Greg-Heist-Graphic-3e all have our strengths & weaknesses, there’s no changing that. But where we choose to focus our limited resources can have huge effects on what we’re able to create & produce.

In this episode, Heist and Koral discuss how empathy for clients and customers can make all the difference in the services delivered, and why it’s not always easy to cultivate; the power of authenticity in branding and marketing; drilling deeper into client desires and motivations behind a project; and focusing on motivating the individuals to bring about large-scale organizational change.

Click here to listen to Episode 006: Focusing on Your Strengths to Innovate & Implement Change.





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