Couldn’t join us for the webinar series by Gongos, Inc., in partnership with the Insights Association? Immerse in the learnings shared across industry leaders with our insight curation practice.

The Need to Scale through Design: How Creative Cohesion Fuels Decision Making
by Amy Perifanos, Vice President, Arti|fact, Gongos, Inc.

True opportunity lies not only in learning how to leverage design, but in how to scale it beyond the insights function and across audiences. Get inspired to help gain buy-in and ROI within your organization.   » WATCH

Winning with a Metaphor: Simplifying Complex Data through Creativity
by Brett Bridges, Director, Arti|fact, Gongos, Inc. & Terrae Schroeder, Director, NA Shopper & Wholesome Snacks, Kellogg’s
See how a simple, yet universal, video metaphor became the backbone for a story-driven campaign that served as a launch pad for the Kellogg Snack Innovation group’s 2017 product planning cycle.

The Curation Imperative: A Framework to Drive Reach and Resonance in Insight Organizations
by Amy Perifanos, Vice President, Arti|fact, Gongos, Inc.
Learn how to think and apply a curator’s mindset to educate, empower and activate on consumer insights to kick-start empathic thinking and engage audiences across organizational teams.   » WATCH

Anatomy of a Story: The Value of Designer, Developer and Curator Collaboration
by Susan Scarlet, VP, Strategic Branding; Beth Pidcock, Sr. Communication Designer; Sam Herzing, Integration Architect; and Dan Koenig, Sr. Developer of Gongos, Inc.

Follow a candid Q+A with a Communication Designer, Developer and Curator and how insight curation calls for a distinct balance of skillsets—and mindsets.   »  LISTEN


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