Michael Alioto, Vice President, Global joins the exclusive ESOMAR TV panel discussion What Are the Skills You Need To Be a Top Researcher in 2017 and Beyond? at the 2016 ESOMAR Congress event.

Watch as he discusses the skills needed to be a top research in the short term, how to acquire them, and what exactly a “top researcher” is.


Greg Heist, Chief Innovation Officer offers his insights on storytelling to help drive organizational change during his guest appearance on the Tell Podcast with Ryan Koral, Founder & President of Tell—a video production agency that helps businesses and non-profits share stories that captivate, influence, and sell.

WTCP-006-Greg-Heist-Graphic-3e all have our strengths & weaknesses, there’s no changing that. But where we choose to focus our limited resources can have huge effects on what we’re able to create & produce.

In this episode, Heist and Koral discuss how empathy for clients and customers can make all the difference in the services delivered, and why it’s not always easy to cultivate; the power of authenticity in branding and marketing; drilling deeper into client desires and motivations behind a project; and focusing on motivating the individuals to bring about large-scale organizational change.

Click here to listen to Episode 006: Focusing on Your Strengths to Innovate & Implement Change.





Who says being disruptive is a bad thing? Today’s online research communities are moving beyond insight generations and closer to a “hub of learning” within organizations. Watch as Heather Lanzi of General Motors, and Mike Sauerman and Bob Yazbeck of Gongos, Inc. convey how a critical mindset shift can lead to a new kind of reciprocal relationship with consumers.

We understand that clients need to feel confident in the decisions they make; and that this reassurance stems from the impact organizations create. Internal customers aren’t the only ones affected by decision-making – external consumers fuel the bottom line.

Please inquire to Gongos Research | New Business on our Connect page for further details on i°Communities®.


Greg Heist joins fellow CMOs and senior marketing executives at the 4th annual Chief Marketing Officer Exchange focusing on structured business development and information exchange among pre-qualified solution providers and senior decision-makers. Heist took a moment to give his insights on building a lasting relationship.


By the numbers, Millennials are quickly becoming the generation with the greatest combined purchasing power. So what are they doing with that money?



Greg Heist, Vice President of Strategy & Innovation at Gongos and emcee of this year’s IIeX Innovation Competition is in studio with Ben Smithee, CEO of Spych Market Analytics. The pair met up at the IIeX conference in Atlanta to discuss the future of innovation, how it plays out in our industry, and what that means for new talent.

Click here to see the full interview.1



A video recap with panelist Camille Nicita at the CASRO Management – (2 minutes 23 seconds)



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