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Blogger’s note:  The goInnovate Reading Room is a new weekly feature of curated content whose primary aim is to provoke new ideas, spur innovative thinking and develop leadership excellence.  The Reading Room is, by design, drawn from a eclectic mix of sources covering a wide variety of disciplines. The common thread here is excellence of thinking and the potential to power breakthrough ideas.


I love that innovation is focused on powerful ideas with the potential to change the future.

Inside of our heads, ideas possess a pristine perfection making them so appealing that we simply must act on them. But there’s nothing more important than figuring out that this idea that you’ve grown to love is taking you down the wrong path.


With the perspective of two weeks behind me, TMRE 2012 went down as one of the more thought-provoking conferences I’ve attended.

And I’m not alone.

Four colleagues and I met this week to download our collective insights to share with our company and our clients. The flurry of actionable ideas were a reinforcement of our vision of the future.


After spending three days in sunny Boca Raton at The Market Research Event 2012, Ron William’s keynote “Beyond Business Model Innovation: Embedding Innovation in Everyday Business When the Customer Makes the Rules” stands out to me. Based on his book “The Value Path: Embedding Innovation in Everyday Business When the Customer Makes the Rules,” it offered many insights that I thought were applicable to Market Research.


Blogger’s note: This post has been co-authored with Bryan Cremeens, one of the many bright young researchers at Gongos.  Bryan brought this subject to my attention some time ago and our resulting conversations have been both fascinating and wide-ranging. What you’ll read below is a nice synthesis of these conversations, focusing on what we see as some of the key implications of the coming generation of smartphone technologies.


On July 25, my friend and mentor John Gongos passed away from metastatic melanoma. While many have found ways to channel their grief and pay tribute to the man John was, it’s taken me time to find the appropriate words to convey.

I knew John for over 22 years. Fact is, I could probably write a book about all the lessons he taught me about research, leadership, and what makes a company great.


Blogger’s Note: “This post is co-authored by Kaylie Gerds (Twitter @grrrrds), one of my colleagues here at Gongos.  Kaylie and I have been discussing what we’ve been reading and learning about Pinterest for a couple of months now.  Her insights into the significance of Pinterest in general (and for research in particular) have been amazing, and I’ve been both energized and inspired by her passion for this topic.


by Greg Heist with Tiffany McNeil

Blogger’s Note: Having had two weeks to digest and reflect on TMRTE, Del Monte’s Tiffany McNeil and I have continued the discussion “offline” about what we found most inspiring there and what we feel it means for the future of MR.  Part of the reason Tiffany and I can’t stop talking is because we don’t want to lose the “high” from the event once stepping back into the real world.


Gradual. Subtle. Insidious.  And, ultimately devastating to life as we know it.

This is the picture painted by climate scientists to describe global warming. Interestingly, it is also these characteristics that make it so easily mocked by critics.  In the end, scientists foretell humanity will look back on these warnings and realize the irrevocable damage that has been caused by our inattention to this threat.


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