By Katherine Ephlin, Chief Operating Officer, Gongos, Inc.

In today’s world, empowering individuals to bring their voice to research is more important than ever. While the emphasis on the “get” of data is leading us to examine actual behavior, data doesn’t have a voice – it simply can’t articulate why it exists.


By Ivan Bojanic, Senior Integration Architect, Arti|fact

Vinyl records, mechanical Swiss watches, board games, and Polaroid-style instant cameras are just a few examples of seemingly obsolete products that are booming despite the ubiquity of cheaper and more versatile digital alternatives. What explains this, and what can product innovators and marketers learn from it?

Innovation as redefinition

We like to assume that innovation evolves exclusively forward.


By: Sarah Tarraf, Director, Analytics

The stereotypical image of a data scientist is that of the harried analyst, hacking away late into the night in an unrestrained startup environment, tapping into massive amounts of data to uncover interesting relationships that explain once-unexplainable phenomena. What we tend to ignore is the more common scenario—a data scientist working in an established corporate environment with a limited technology budget and an incomplete infrastructure.


By Troy Burmeister & Claire Gilbert, Data Analysts

From software development to social networking, open source software powers big companies. Surprisingly, the people behind it don’t necessarily sit within the walls of Facebook, Google or Microsoft. They reside in thriving communities of active online users’ intent on fueling advances in data science, big data, and analytics.


by Camille Nicita, President & CEO

Anyone challenged with change management inside of an organization is familiar with the three C’s of capability, capacity, and competency.  As we talk with some of these leaders, we find that these key dynamics apply to the organization’s ability to build decision intelligence—their ability to not only gain but also apply wisdom that inspires great consumer-minded decision making.


by Greg Heist, Chief Innovation Officer

“The future belongs to those who see possibilities before they become obvious.”  — John Scully

Picture this: your organization owns a fully-functioning time machine. Armed with such a device, you unfailingly know what to offer consumers, and when to do so to maximize your competitive advantage.


By Ivan Bojanic, Senior Integration Architect, Arti|fact

Recessions are as painful as they are disruptive. On both an individual and social level, they represent periods of uncertainty, anxiousness and tightened belts. We hunker down for recessions the way that New Englanders hunker down for midwinter storms: with weary resignation in the face of the inevitable.


By Susan Scarlet, Vice President, Strategic Branding

Once upon a time, an 80+-page research report was commonplace. Nearly every question market researchers asked of their consumer subjects landed either in a chart, an executive summary, or both.  Those deliverables, often found in PowerPoint, were eventually dispersed on a shared drive and archived into growing terabytes of proprietary knowledge.


By Camille Nicita, President & CEO, Gongos, Inc.

Nature vs. nurture?  While this topic has been widely debated for centuries, evidence suggests that nature (a person’s inherent genetic make-up) and nurture (environment and external influences) have equal influence on shaping who we are, how we live, and the decisions we make.


By: Ivan Bojanic, Senior Integration Architect, Arti|fact

At its heart, consumer research aspires to tell us other people’s stories; to explain where they came from, why they do what they do, and to better predict what they might do in the future.

Of course, the challenge is one of scale. Spending one-on-one time with an individual allows us to appreciate their unique narrative.


From insightful research to decision intelligence, we stand at the ready. How can we help you?

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