by Ivan Bojanic, Senior Integration Architect, Gongos, Inc. & Nancy Walter, Integration Architect, Gongos, Inc.

A team of talented insights managers can inform product lines and marketing campaigns based on consumer segments, but if they don’t accurately reflect the individuals within, it’s all for naught.

Human identity has always been a fluid and complex commodity, but never more so than in the age of technology that allows for digital connectedness and extreme mobility.


by Camille Nicita, President & CEO, Gongos, Inc.

In 2017, Temkin’s State of Voice of the Customer Programs report cited that less than one-quarter of companies consider themselves good at making changes to their business based on customer insights. Inarguably, this sentiment is an extension of their findings two years earlier.


by Sarah Tarraf, Director, Customer Experience & Analytics, Gongos, Inc.

Things have come a long way since Fader introduced his Customer Centricity model in 2011. Spurring an industry mindset shift from product-first to customer-first, today there is universal acceptance of the customer being central to organizational growth.


by Claire Gilbert, Senior Statistical Analyst, Gongos, Inc.

As those guiding strategy and making data-driven decisions know, there is a bottomless ocean filled with statistics and facts that can answer complex—and often perplexing—questions. Ideally, these fragments fit together to create a complete image of humans, our behaviors and motivations, and the world in which we operate.


by Greg Heist, Chief Innovation Officer, Gongos, Inc.

“There’s a reason millions of people try to solve crossword puzzles each day. Amid the well-ordered combat between a puzzler’s mind and the blank boxes waiting to be filled, there is satisfaction along with frustration.


by Beth Pidcock, Creative Strategist, Gongos, Inc. & Hallie Dunklin, Creative Strategist, Gongos, Inc.

{Authors’ note: This post was inspired by the renowned book: Dear Data}

We all find ourselves living in a world bursting with data. Whether big or small, it’s being generated as we work and analyzed while we sleep.


By Greg Heist, Chief Innovation Officer, Gongos, Inc.

{Author’s note: For the purpose of this article, value chain is defined as every element that goes into creating a final product or service, and who is sourced to provide various elements of it.}

When the term “partnership” is used, typically one envisions a traditional arrangement where two or more parties share vested ownership and governance in a business.


By Ivan Bojanic, Senior Integration Architect and Susan Scarlet, Vice President, Strategic Branding

Almost a century ago, Henry Ford famously proclaimed that his customers could have a car painted any color they wanted – “so long as it is black.”

A lot has changed since then. Today, individually tailored products are nearly as common as the long-established digital norms of individually tailored messaging and packaging.


by Claire Gilbert, Senior Statistical Analyst, Gongos, Inc.

From the time their founders had a dream, B-to-C corporations envision who their buyers are, and who they will become. No one said it better than Steve Jobs when he professed that organizations must get so close to customers that it’s you who tells them what they need well before they even realize it themselves.


By Greg Heist, Chief Innovation Officer & Susan Scarlet, Vice President, Strategic Branding, Gongos, Inc.

{Blogger’s note: We’d like to credit and thank our colleagues Michael Francesco Alioto, PhD, Vice President, Global and Curtis Kaisner, Senior Research Strategist for the foundational academic review and framework; and Hallie Dunklin, Associate Director, Branding and Design for helping us bring this work to life.


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