by Greg Heist & Sarah Tarraf

Greg Heist, Chief Innovation Officer & Sarah Tarraf, Director, Analytics reveal three dimensions insights professionals must consider to create analytical models that turn insights into foresights in the Spring 2016 issue of

Correlation & Causation: The New Norm in Decision Making

by Justin Smith, Associate Director, Marketing Performance and Optimization, UnitedHealthcare; Sarah Phillips, Vice President, Client Consulting, Gongos, Inc.; Camille Nicita, President & CEO, Gongos, Inc.; Susan Scarlet, Vice President, Strategic Branding, Gongos, Inc.


by Sarah Tarraf & Susan Scarlet

Sarah Tarraf, Director, Analytics & Susan Scarlet, Vice President, Strategic Branding muse about how data analytics teams can take a cue from the pages of decades of market research practitioners to better instill purpose and discipline in their “shared” quests to generate and leverage knowledge in the July/August 2015 issue of

Gongos partnered with contributor Christopher Skroupa to co-curate this feature on the role talent plays in company resilience; and the notion of adopting a more “outside in” approach. See how Camille Nicita and thoughts leaders from GM, MSU and eBay weigh in.

Companies today find themselves in a VUCA environment. This dynamic new norm will require B-to-C organizations to rethink their talent as it relates to go-to-market and CRM strategies.


by Camille Nicita and Susan Scarlet

Camille Nicita, President & CEO and Susan Scarlet, Vice President, Strategic Branding contribute to an Intelligence Report on consumer data about how deeper collaboration between insights and analytics teams can create new value for organizations in the May/June 2015 issue of Marketing Insights.

by Braden Kelley

Greg Heist, Chief Innovation Officer talks about exploration across silos, disruption and decisions with Braden Kelley, Co-Founder of Innovation Excellence.

To read Part II of the two-part Q&A, please click here.


Emilio Ditrapani, Director, Global Sampling & Knowledge, Gongos Research recently collaborated with Sample Service™ on a case study about finding specific yet hard-to-reach audiences without compromising consistent quality or exceeding client budgets.

Director of Arti|fact, Brett Bridges, Accepts Award as Ambassador for Data Visualization

AUBURN HILLS, MI – June 17, 2015
– Gongos, Inc. received the Data Insight Visualization Award (DIVA) at the 3rd annual Insight Innovation eXchange (IIeX) North America. This award acknowledges and celebrates the most innovative and effective data visualization techniques within the insights industry.


by Braden Kelley

Greg Heist, Chief Innovation Officer discusses Decision Intelligence and the holistic view of consumers, particularly as data becomes more abundant, with Braden Kelley, Co-Founder of Innovation Excellence. It’s no longer solely about asking primary research questions, but about helping organizations develop a competency in leveraging the data and knowledge the organization already possesses to tackle business challenges.


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