How Innovation Can Fuel Strategy for the Next Five Years


Many industries have experienced growth and disruption in the last several years, and the nutritional supplement category is no different. Contemporary brands are emerging while existing brands stretch to create hybrid offers. The COVID-19 pandemic amplifying this disruption even further—with some companies struggling to keep afloat. Brands need to pivot quickly and lean on innovation experts to make sense of this highly competitive market. Let’s look at a recent example from this category to see how innovation can helps brands better understand consumer engagement.

The Challenge

Recent innovation in the nutritional supplement category has focused on functional benefits through enhancements in forms and flavor. However, understanding what the next five years looked like for the category was critical to finding the space where a brand could play and win.

Partnering Together for a Solution

The brand partnered with Gongos to enable the innovation, brand marketing and insights teams to better understand the engagement they are seeing with their customers already, as well as the scope of consumers in their category. Together the team was able to define the future landscape and trends that impact it and develop territories to explore where the brand can stretch and build positioning strategies. Specifically, the work:

Key Deliverables

The work resulted in a Future of Nutritional Supplements guidebook that included:

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The Impact

Gongos developed an innovation roadmap and informed short-and long-term brand positioning solutions to guide this brand through the volatility and competition that lie ahead for this industry.

Learn how innovation can help your brands better understand consumer engagement.