From Complexity to Clarity: The Future of Insight Curation (Part I)


By Greg Heist, Chief Innovation Officer & Amy Perifanos, Senior Director, Insight Curation, Gongos, Inc.

“The art of curation isn’t about the individual pieces of content, but about how these pieces fit together, what story they tell by being placed next to each other, and what statement the context they create makes about culture and the world at large.

Great curation is also about pattern-recognition – seeing various pieces of
culture and spotting similarities across them that paint a cohesive picture of a larger trend.”

– Maria Popova, BrainPickings

Amy and I have recently introduced the idea of insight curation to the industry—she at IIR’s “Future of Consumer Intelligence” in May and I at MRA’s “Insights & Strategies Conference” in June.  The idea had been brewing for a year, and we chose these engagements to unveil the theory underpinning this future practice.

While it’s no surprise we’re personally jazzed about the notion of curation, the reaction from both clients and agencies signals that we’re onto something big – something that will bring clarity to the complex matrix of knowledge that organizations grapple with day to day.

Based on our trend work, we anticipated that it would be an evolutionary step to socializing insights, yet reactions suggest it may just be more of a revolution – an idea whose time has indeed come.

To that end, we have fleshed out a five-part series of posts that will systematically explore the many facets of this fascinating and groundbreaking idea.

In the coming weeks you can expect to read about:

We’re excited to share this journey with you and hope at the end of this series you’ll be as intrigued about Insight Curation as we are.

Looking forward to sharing more in the coming weeks.