Gongos i?Communities Lead to Sharp Increase in Online Survey Participation

Auburn Hills, MI – May 17, 2007 – In ongoing research being conducted for one of its key clients using an evolution of the Gongos i°Communities platform, Gongos Research is netting 35-45% response rates with its online surveys.


Program Raises Money for Charities While Gathering Customer Insights for Corporations

Auburn Hills, MI – January 24, 2007 – At what point would you decide a cash incentive was better off in the hands of a charity than in your own bank account? In a recent research study developed for a major powersport vehicles manufacturer, 42% of study participants determined that being charitable outweighed the personal five dollar cash incentive offered to them by Gongos Research for completing the in-depth online survey.


Gongos Research Leverages the Internet to Introduce “Gongos i?Communities” and “Active Intercept”

Auburn Hills, MI – November 10, 2006 – As society transforms and is transformed by technology, so too does technology elevate the impact of marketing research. As a marketing research company who partners with major worldwide brands, Gongos Research is transforming the voice of the customer by leveraging the Internet to develop technologies that lead to deeper levels of insight.


Program Supported By Continuing Donation From Gongos Research

Auburn Hills, MI – November 9, 2006 – With a statewide focus to create and retain jobs in Michigan, the Detroit Chapter of the American Marketing Association is calling on executives to keep the momentum going in an effort to keep strong job candidates thriving in Michigan.


Michigan-Based Marketing Research Company Expands Retail Team with Katherine Ephlin

Auburn Hills, MI – September 18, 2006 – Service has re-emerged as a leading consumer demand and loyalty driver according to How America Shops®, a 2006 study conducted out of New York, and Gongos Research can attest to its validity.


Marketing Research Firm Thrives In Oakland County – Foresight, Diversification, Talent, & Passion are Keys to Success

Auburn Hills, MI – August 8, 2006 – Despite everything you’re hearing about the Michigan economy, where downsizing and closures are the norm, Gongos Research is experiencing its healthiest years in its history.


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