Online Communities Generate Survey Response Rates of 35 – 45%

Gongos i?Communities Lead to Sharp Increase in Online Survey Participation

Auburn Hills, MI – May 17, 2007 – In ongoing research being conducted for one of its key clients using an evolution of the Gongos i°Communities platform, Gongos Research is netting 35-45% response rates with its online surveys. In the past 90 days, Gongos Research has conducted 11 quantitative surveys (with sample sizes ranging from n=300 to n=1000) among community members both inside and outside the U.S. These response rates are significantly higher than rates generated through standard online survey methods.

The larger, expanded communities are rapidly developing into the “next generation” of Gongos i°Communities, creating an ideal environment to conduct more robust quantitative online surveys. These high response rates reduce non-response bias, creating additional value beyond the quick turnaround and cost-effectiveness of the i°Communities research approach.

“The types of interactions in ongoing communities lead to a deeper level of engagement by respondents, which leads to much higher quality data,” states John Gongos, president of Gongos Research. “Most importantly, this method helps minimize the influence of ‘professional respondents,’ a growing concern in online research.”

A marketing research leader in private online communities, Gongos Research uses its proprietary research platform Gongos i?Communities to engage consumers in ongoing dialogue with each other, with its researchers, and clients. As a full-featured qualitative and quantitative research environment, it lends itself to an endless landscape of researcher-consumer interactions, continually feeding deep levels of longitudinal insights and data to clients.