Jason Solack Appointed Vice President, O2 Integrated

AUBURN HILLS, MI – July 23, 2015 – Jason Solack has been named Vice President of Gongos’ data sciences practice, O2 Integrated, as announced today by president & CEO Camille Nicita. In his new role, Solack will be responsible for leading the group comprised of analytics, information systems, and sampling. Additionally, he will work closely with account strategists to expand opportunities for Global 1000 organizations to embrace a more holistic view of consumers through the integration of behavioral and externally sourced data streams.

Since 1998, Solack’s complementary areas of strength have evolved to support Gongos’ growth. As former Director, IS-Programming, his appreciation for back-end analytics, processes and team-building skills led to his current role. Ultimately, his group heightens Gongos’ decision intelligence stance through the advancement of its decision sciences practice.

In addition to his appointment, the company has promoted Crystle Uyeda to Director, Business Development. Uyeda’s established approaches for communicating both vision and value to clients have advanced new business relationships and client understanding. In her current role, she too will work hand-in-hand with account strategists to identify opportunities for organizations to further build their decision intelligence competency.

“Jason continuously learns and applies new knowledge in both the analytics and technical arenas,” said Nicita. “His ability to create strong and efficient people systems and collaborative environments drives the synergies across our new and multidisciplinary talent.”

She adds, “As an industry-recognized ‘rising star,’ by Survey magazine, Crystle has the perfect blend of cross-industry knowledge and drive to think ‘beyond the RFP’ and stated client needs.”

Most recently, Solack was Senior Director, O2 Integrated. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Oakland University. Uyeda was most recently Research Strategist, Gongos Research. Her career with the company began in 2008 as Project Coordinator. Prior to Gongos, Uyeda held a project coordinator role at Dearborn’s iLabs Center for Innovation Research at the University of Michigan—Dearborn, where she obtained her Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing.

Gongos, Inc. is a decision intelligence company that partners with Global 1000 corporations to build competency in making great consumer-minded decisions. Gongos brings a consultative mindset in developing synergies among its clients’ analytics, insights and knowledge management groups.

O2 Integrated, its data sciences group, extracts value from enterprise data with a relentless focus on solving the business challenge. Gongos Research, the company’s primary research division, acquires proprietary knowledge to deepen strategic insights. Arti¦fact, its insight curation practice, transforms the way organizations preserve and socialize consumer wisdom.

Gongos works with companies such as Mars-Wrigley, Johnson & Johnson, Chase, GM, OnStar and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. In 2007, the company was first named to the Inc. 5000 list of “The Fastest Growing Companies in America” and is among the Gold Top 50 U.S. marketing research organizations. For further insight into the Gongos culture, visit gongos.com or facebook.com.

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