GRBN Launches “Building Business Impact Handbook”

Corporate Researchers Conference Presentation to Highlight Findings from the Research

WASHINGTON – October 22, 2019 – The Global Research Business Network (GRBN) today announces the release of its Building Business Impact Handbook.

The Handbook is a practical guide for Insights leaders on how to measure the ROI and demonstrate the value of Insights to the business. At the core of the Handbook is the GRBN ROI of Insights Framework, which conceptualizes how Insights ROI measurement works. The templates and tips included in the Handbook make it easy for Insights leaders to implement their own Business Impact measurement and reporting process, and the Framework is brought to life by examples of how Insights leaders today are measuring their ROI.

The Handbook explains how the GRBN ROI of Insights Framework can be embedded within a broader strategy for Building Business Impact in order for Insights leaders to maximize the amount of impact they are having on the business. This strategy is based upon the latest research conducted by GRBN, in co-operation with the Insights Association, as well as the Handbook’s two Gold Partners, Gongos, Inc. and RTi Research.

Andrew Cannon, GRBN’s Executive Director, who is a leading expert on Insights ROI and who led the creation of the Handbook, notes: “over the last couple of years we’ve been working with Insights leaders across the globe on building their business impact. It’s great that we can have been able to include what we have learned from these leaders into the Building Business Impact Handbook in order to help even more Insights leaders increase their influence and grow their resources.”

“This Handbook can help Insights leaders better understand their organization’s journey toward customer centricity which is central to growth,” adds Camille Nicita, president & CEO of Gongos, Inc. “Key to this exploration is understanding how to develop strategies to help further embed the Insights function into the organization.”

David Rothstein, CEO at RTi Research and Board Chair of the Insights Association, says: “For insights leaders, measuring the business impact of insights is most certainly table stakes in gaining a seat at the table, and likely imperative to becoming a leadership force. The information and advice contained in GRBN’s Building Business Impact Handbook can be a great starting point, as well as a valuable source of new ideas for anyone already measuring the business impact of insights.”

David Almy, CEO at the Insights Association, notes: “Great leaders of any truly valuable business practice are eager to champion its ROI. The synthesis of insights is a truly valuable business practice, but often with a hint of the intangible making measurement challenging but achievable using a clear roadmap to success. GRBN’s new Building Business Impact Handbook provides that roadmap, including practical, realistic tools and techniques to further the growth of insights and analytics within your company.”

At the upcoming annual Insights Association’s Corporate Researchers conference in Orlando on October 23rd, GRBN’s Andrew Cannon and Gongos’ COO Katherine Ephlin will co-present “How Insights is Evolving to Fuel Customer-Centric Growth,” which is based on insights from the Handbook and its research. For further information on their session and the conference, visit here.

The GRBN’s Building Business Impact Handbook is available for purchase and an Executive Summary of the Handbook, curated by Gongos, is offered as a free resource. Both can be accessed at