Gongos Welcomes our First IDEAtor Fellowship Associate, Emma Thompson

Gongos is a proud host of the Insights Association’s IDEAtor Fellowship program. This landmark initiative of the IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access) Council is a powerful step in addressing the lack of representation in the insights industry and the need to better understand and serve the consumers we work with. The IDEAtor program will give IDEAtor Fellowship Associates hands-on professional experience within the insights field and the opportunity to establish professional industry connections.

We’re excited to welcome our first IDEAtor Fellowship Associate, Emma Thompson. She’ll bring her academic and business background to a six-month fellowship, where she’ll be immersed in customer centricity work across research and strategy. Emma will serve as an Assistant Project Manager on one of Gongos’ home teams dedicated to our client business.

“Our rotational program will provide Emma with a customized experience across multiple disciplines and client industries while giving us an opportunity to learn from her unique set of experiences,” says Alfred Ishak, Senior Director at Gongos and member of the Insight Association’s IDEA Council. “We look forward to a collaborative learning process over the next six months!”

Emma has served as a Research Specialist for Percepta since 2012, and has a degree in digital marketing from the University of Michigan-Dearborn.

Emma Thompson, IDEAtor Fellowship Associate