Gongos Research Transcends Struggling Michigan Economy

Marketing Research Firm Thrives In Oakland County – Foresight, Diversification, Talent, & Passion are Keys to Success

Auburn Hills, MI – August 8, 2006 – Despite everything you’re hearing about the Michigan economy, where downsizing and closures are the norm, Gongos Research is experiencing its healthiest years in its history. The 15-year-old custom marketing research firm is recording near 40 percent growth this year, and has expanded into a newly constructed 30,000 sq. ft. building in Auburn Hills.

Ask President and Founder John Gongos what his formula for success is, and he will tell you that it’s having the foresight to even out the peaks and valleys that are inevitable in any business, particularly ones positioned within the automotive capital of the world.

Since founding the company in 1991 with a handful of automotive clients (GM, Cadillac, Pontiac, Buick and Delco Electronics), Gongos has steadily added a diversified mix of non-automotive clients, including Best Buy, Polaris, Purina, Hallmark, Masterfoods USA (Mars, Inc.) and Domino’s. In 2006 alone, new company clients include Lowe’s, Borders, The Hershey Company, and US Bank.

“I have always loved automotive research, and it will always be an important part of our business,” says Gongos, “but I knew that it would be a rough road if we didn’t diversify to even out the peaks and valleys. Our non-automotive clients complement our automotive business, which actually makes us stronger to compete for automotive business.”

“In fact,” he continues, “today our share of automotive research is actually increasing because of a trend toward online methodologies – where we happen to be well ahead of the industry curve.”

Automotive-based companies such as GM, JCI (Johnson Controls, Inc.) and France-based Valeo, still rely upon Gongos to bring them closer to consumers and target markets through Web-based survey applications, as well as rapidly growing methodologies like online web communities. Supported by an in-house programming and technology team, Gongos is leveraging these types of new technologies to support and enhance traditional research methods.

At the core of the Gongos Research diversification and expansion is a highly talented management team, several of whom were hired by Gongos at the inception of his company over 15 years ago, and who now exercise shareholder status. This core team, which leads the key areas of the company – Consumer Products, Retail/Services, and Automotive/Powersports – are also active managers, researchers, and strategic consultants. In fact, Gongos himself is still actively involved with numerous client projects, as both a focus group moderator and strategic consultant.

According to Gongos, another key to their success is attracting and retaining top research talent who are passionate about what they do. In fact, Gongos believes so much in the importance of human resources that his recruiting tactics include implementing a Virtual Benchsm, an internal recruiting tool that enhances the company’s ability to attract and cultivate talented researchers, not only from the marketplace, but also from undergraduate and Master’s programs at some of the nation’s finest business schools. Currently, Gongos is recruiting for six full-time research positions.

Gongos custom-built a 30,000 sq. ft. building in Auburn Hills, outfitting 15,000 sq. ft. of it for immediate use, while anticipating further expansion within. On July 1, his existing 55-person staff moved into the new offices, which house an advanced technology-based infrastructure and a state-of-the-art focus group facility.

The company’s ongoing and steady growth is also exemplified by its name change to Gongos Research, an evolution from its founding name, Gongos and Associates, Inc. The change coincides with the move to Auburn Hills. In early October 2006, the company will hold a 15th Anniversary Open House for staff, clients, vendors, family, and friends.

Gongos Research is a customized marketing research company that forms trusted research partnerships with companies around the world. Blending strategic thinking, top-talent, breakthrough technologies and proprietary software, Gongos’ offerings help refine, enhance and advance products and services across many industries. For further insight into the Gongos culture, please visit gongos.com.