Gongos Research Projects to Double Webcam-Based Qualitative in 2010

Advanced Techniques Raise the Qualitative Research Bar

AUBURN HILLS, MI – March 24, 2010 – With nearly $225,000 in revenues derived from webcam-based qualitative research in 2009, Gongos Research anticipates that number will double in 2010. While in-person studies continue to be the company’s primary qualitative research method, this marks a significant shift in the way corporations are bringing consumers into the qualitative process.

Launched in June 2008, Gongos Research’s webcam-based focus group platform, ConsumerView enables clients to engage consumers online, while retaining the interactive and conversational nature of in-person focus groups and in-depth interviews (IDIs). Today, a dedicated team manages all aspects of the virtual focus groups, including recruiting, while offering an efficient way for companies to interact with consumers.

“Clients can meet their qualitative needs without the cost and burdens associated with travel and logistics,” said Tonya Jiles, Senior Project Director and ConsumerView manager. “This was especially beneficial to companies faced with decreasing budgets in 2009.”

She adds, “Companies with online research communities also found these ‘face-to-face’ interactions to be a great way to leverage consumers they are already invested in.”

In addition to advancing the ConsumerView platform, Gongos Research has a qualitative insights team that guides the infusion of innovative techniques used in qualitative research. This team of 12 moderators is continually developing fresh ways to engage respondents while providing creative environments that stimulate consumer-driven ideas.