Gongos Research Introduces i°Communities 2009

New Platform Offers Clients Sophisticated Content Management and Analytical Tools

AUBURN HILLS, MI – May 27, 2009 – Empowering clients with new ways to become immersed in online research communities, Gongos Research launches i°Communities 2009—an advanced 2.0 platform that supports a new spectrum of research community offerings. The new platform enables rich enhancements to its existing i°Communities and metaCommunity™ research environments, as well as a new i°Community Lite offering.

The i°Communities 2009 platform creates a highly interactive environment for consumers, while offering clients greater versatility to conduct and analyze research. Flashpoll capabilities have been enhanced to give companies added flexibility to field questions and concepts that require a quick turnaround. New features including a Qualitative Reader and Data Plan allow clients the 24/7 ability to filter complex qualitative and quantitative data within the platform itself, enabling client users to quickly synthesize large amounts of raw data prior to the delivery of reports.

With its introduction of i°Community Lite, Gongos Research offers a “licensing plus” option that meets the demands of companies that want to manage and moderate the community process within their organization. Also new to its spectrum of offerings is the Quick Start Community—a private spin-off community that can be initiated through Consumer Village—Gongos Research’s own proprietary consumer community.

As an industry leader in developing and managing private research communities for Fortune 500 companies, Gongos’ research communities represent nearly 25% of the company’s overall business. It currently manages 12 communities dedicated to the development and enhancement of products and services, as well as shopping behaviors and attitudes about green technologies.

“Our 2009 platform offers even more ways for companies to engage in research communities, while maximizing their research budgets,” says John Gongos, president and CEO. “We work closely with corporations to determine the right community environment for them and then develop and implement an ongoing strategy to meet those needs.”

 For more information on the five types of research communities offered by Gongos Research, email iCommunities@gongos.com.