Gongos Research Initiates “Opinions that Count and Contribute”

Program Raises Money for Charities While Gathering Customer Insights for Corporations

Auburn Hills, MI – January 24, 2007 – At what point would you decide a cash incentive was better off in the hands of a charity than in your own bank account? In a recent research study developed for a major powersport vehicles manufacturer, 42% of study participants determined that being charitable outweighed the personal five dollar cash incentive offered to them by Gongos Research for completing the in-depth online survey. As a result, the American Red Cross, National Wildlife Federation and United Way were forwarded checks totaling over $1,100.00.

Gongos Research, a custom marketing research company that conducts over 500 surveys annually as part of its ongoing research initiatives with clients such as Hallmark, Best Buy and GM is proud to launch “Opinions That Count and Contribute,” a program that raises money for charities while conducting research to help develop and enhance products and services for companies around the world.

Gongos Research guides over 800,000 interactions with respondents per year while conducting qualitative, quantitative and central location studies. Respondents are generally recruited from consumer panels, customer lists, vehicle registration data, and Web communities that consist of consumers categorized into segments based on demographics, lifestyle, and/or buying behaviors.

Upon completing a qualifying Gongos Research survey, respondents can opt to either receive the incentive money or allocate it to their charity of choice from a list of options. Beginning in 2007, the list will include the American Red Cross, Make-A-Wish Foundation and National Wildlife Federation.

“The notion of giving back while providing insights to our clients is something we are proud to commit to,” says John Gongos. “Respondents are generally receptive in more ways than one. They want to make a difference in the development of a new product, the betterment of an existing one, and also in the lives of people in need.”

Gongos Research hopes to garner over $10,000 in respondent-granted donations in 2007 with “Opinions That Count and Contribute.” For more information on how to join the Gongosonline consumer panel, a volunteer community of respondents who provide feedback and complete surveys on a variety of topics, please visit www.gongos.com/panel.