Gongos Research Engages Thousands of Consumers in Online Communities

New Client Communities To Add To That Number

AUBURN HILLS, MI – December 15, 2008 – With a total of over 43,000 consumer respondents engaged in online research communities on behalf of its clients, Gongos Research is increasing that number by year-end 2008 with its development of two new i°Communities—one for Blue Bunny and the other for a beverage company. The global beverage manufacturer will launch a shopper-centric private online community and Wells’ Dairy will launch a community aimed at moms for their Blue Bunny brand ice cream and frozen novelties.

“Ongoing shopper insights with key customers increasingly influence not only product development, but how retail environments, merchandising and marketing programs take shape,” states Camille Nicita, Principal and Head of Retail/Services for Gongos Research. “Not to mention, understanding consumer behavior and attitudes is even more critical during times of economic uncertainty.”

Gongos Research develops and manages private communities that engage targeted consumers for Fortune 500 companies, ranging from automobile and green-technology enthusiasts, to pizza and chocolate lovers, to baby boomers and empty nesters. Research conducted as part of these communities includes methods ranging from online dialogues, polls and sophisticated quantitative surveys, to ConsumerView online focus groups, in-home product testing and central location studies.

Gongos i°Communities™ are proprietary, custom research communities that engage hundreds of consumers for extended periods of time to gain continual insights about consumer motivations and trends, product usage, brand relationships, company offerings, and industry awareness. A Gongos metaCommunity™ is a community of communities, where thousands of consumers are recruited into a single environment to explore multiple market segments, brands and/or regions, while yielding rigorous quantitative data.