Gongos & Panoramix Global Form Strategic Partnership

Decision Intelligence Company & Cultural Intelligence Consultancy Guide Organizations toward Foresight

AUBURN HILLS, MI – April 25, 2016 – Gongos, Inc. and Panoramix Global have formed a strategic partnership to offer Global 1000 organizations the ability to generate strategic foresights, as announced by Gongos’ Chief Innovation Officer, Greg Heist and Panoramix Co-Founder & CEO Mary Meehan. Through the intersection of cultural context, business environment, consumer insights and trend analysis, this collaboration will help organizations holistically comprehend the forces shaping their business while driving future-focused strategies and product innovation.

Integrating both consultative and situational approaches, Gongos and Panoramix have designed a framework that picks up where traditional research and trend initiatives leave off. The combination of systems thinking, analytical rigor, and strategic synthesis enables organizations to move from point-in-time, rearview insights to more dynamic, forward-focused foresights, while increasing their ROI in trends.

“In the face of disruptive forces shaping both companies and consumers, foresights are a key component in building organizational resilience,” states Heist. “This collaboration will help organizations develop a sharper vision of the future and make more enlightened decisions to navigate it.”

“Panoramix and Gongos share a deep desire to continually innovate for the purpose of our client’s business first,” states Meehan. “Our partnership is built on delivering that kind of flexibility and agility to help our clients grow their business in an increasingly dynamic global marketplace.”

In conjunction with this partnership, Gongos is participating in the beta program of Metametrix™, Panoramix’s cultural intelligence tool that allows users to instantly explore societal undercurrents. Beyond leveraging the platform’s ability to synthesize large datasets into meaningful quantifiable insights, Gongos will provide input to help refine the platform as it moves toward public release in 2016. The Metametrix platform was a finalist in the 2014 North American IIeX Insight Innovation Competition.

Panoramix Global is a Minneapolis-based consultancy designed to help companies understand an increasingly complex consumer living in an increasingly dynamic global marketplace. The brainchild of industry pioneer and Iconoculture co-founder Mary Meehan, Panoramix leverages groundbreaking methodology to deliver the accurate insights and actionable foresights required to achieve meaningful growth and innovation. For more about the company, visit panoramixglobal.com.

Gongos, Inc. is a decision intelligence company that partners with Global 1000 corporations to help build the capability and competency in making great consumer-minded decisions. Gongos brings a consultative approach in developing growth strategies propelled by its clients’ insights, analytics, strategy and innovation groups.

Gongos works with companies such as Mars-Wrigley, Johnson & Johnson, UnitedHealthcare, GM, OnStar and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. In 2007, the company was first named to the Inc. 5000 list of “The Fastest Growing Companies in America” and is among the AMA Top 50 U.S. marketing research organizations. For further insight into the Gongos culture, visit gongos.com.