Gongos to Honor First-Ever Vex Winners at the North American Customer Centricity Awards

Five Brands To Be Recognized For Building Best-In-Class Value Exchange Based On Customer Performance Indicators (CPIs)

ROYAL OAK, MI – October 5, 2021 – Gongos, Inc., a consultative agency focused on operationalizing customer centricity, will honor five brands for their outstanding commitment to delivering on outcomes that matter most to customers. These first-ever Value Exchange (Vex) Awards exemplify how brands perform on Customer Performance Indicators (CPIs). The winners will be announced at the North American Customer Centricity Awards and Conference on October 27th, 2021, hosted by Arcet Global.

“For the first time ever, our patent-pending Value Exchange (Vex) Model addresses the challenge that most leaders have in linking customer-centric initiatives with business outcomes,” said Camille Nicita, president & CEO of Gongos. “Among 154 brands across industries, five are exemplary at delivering on the goals customers strive to achieve, and as a result, stand to increase their Future Customer Value.”

Nicita adds, “The Vex differentiator is that it enables brands to start thinking disruptively by broadening their purview beyond their direct competitors to benchmark themselves against best-in-class brands.”

CPIs reflect the functional, emotional, and social outcomes that fuel a quantifiable link between customer goals and revenue growth. Through a predictive algorithm, the Vex Model evaluated responses from 16,000+ customers based on how well brands in our syndicate delivered on these 15 research-validated universal goals.

During the virtual awards ceremony on October 27th, one winning brand will be named for each of the five categories: Winner Overall CPI Performance; 1st Runner-Up Overall CPI Performance; Functional CPI Winner; Emotional CPI Winner; and Social CPI Winner.  The winners will also be named in the November/December issue of Harvard Business Review.

“Arcet Global is proud to have hosted one of the largest Customer Experience knowledge-sharing events in North America for the past two years,” said CEO Mark Hamill at Arcet Global. “We are eager to congratulate this year’s Vex award winners for their outstanding commitment to customers, and honor them for setting the standard for B2C companies across the nation.”

To attend Gongos’ complimentary Discovery Session “Grow Your Future Customer Value Through CPIs,” register here. To register to attend the North American Customer Centricity Awards and Conference, visit here. To learn more about Gongos’ Value Exchange Model and Vex Reports, and to see if your brand is among the syndicate, visit vex.gongos.com.

Based on researching 154 brands within the syndicate, Gongos offers Vex Reports and Advisory Hours as part of its subscription service. Findings within the brand-specific reports are based on Gongos’ Vex Model which uses predictive, prescriptive, and diagnostic tools to determine how brands can improve their revenue growth by focusing on top-priority CPIs.

Gongos, Inc. is a consultative agency that places customers at the heart of business strategy. Partnering with insights, analytics, marketing, strategy, and customer experience groups, Gongos operationalizes customer centricity by helping companies both understand their customer needs and deliver on them better than anyone else. Gongos was named a Forbes “Small Giant” in 2020; ranks #47 among the largest market research organizations in the U.S.; and partners with Fortune 500 clients across multiple industries including Coca-Cola, Mars Petcare, Kellogg’s, U.S. Bank, UnitedHealthcare and General Motors. For further insight into Gongos, visit gongos.com.