Gongos Forms Decision Support Consultancy O2 Integrated

Jason Raguso Appointed to Lead New Enterprise

AUBURN HILLS, MI – March 11, 2013 – Gongos has formed O2 Integrated, a consultative unit dedicated to fusing enterprise data and primary research to reshape customer-centric decision making for Global 1000 companies, as announced by president & CEO Camille Nicita. Analytics start-up executive Jason Raguso has been appointed to lead the company’s new business unit.

“O2 Integrated is the result of a year-long discussion about the role Gongos will play in the future of decision intelligence,” states Nicita. “Jason has been a growth leader in the decision support space since 2007, and we are thrilled to have him join our team and drive this new area of business for our company.”

O2 Integrated will serve organizations by building retained extension teams that harmonize disparate data sources spanning enterprise, third-party and primary market research with applied mathematics. O2 teams will work with clients to operationalize insights across business units. Beyond developing integrative strategies, O2 will reconcile the signal-to-noise paradox to strengthen and socialize decision-making for its clients. “We’re setting out to solve a broader set of problems for our clients, understanding that they often make choices in constrained environments,” adds Raguso. “Gongos’ ability to quickly adapt, paired with its deep client partnerships, provides an ideal ecosystem to transform insights for clients as they navigate this complexity.”

Prior to his appointment at Gongos, Raguso spent five years at decision sciences and analytics company Mu Sigma, where he was most recently Senior Vice President. In 2012, he served as keynote speaker at the Predictive Analytics Summits in San Diego and Las Vegas, and he currently serves on the board of Arkansas-based Green Analytics and Michigan-based Alternative Revenue Development. He received his MBA from the University of Southern California and BA from the University of Michigan.