Gongos Celebrates its 2017 Golden HIPPO Recipients

AUBURN HILLS, MI – December 20, 2017 – In its 10th annual Golden HIPPO Awards Luncheon Ceremony, Gongos, Inc. honored four full-time employees who best personified the core values of the company throughout 2017, as nominated by their peers. Additionally, four employees were recognized for outstanding qualities related to company impact, humility, newcomer contribution, and innovation.

The Golden HIPPO Awards are a reflection of Gongos’ commitment to its company culture, as well as 360° recognition for its employees.

The 2017 Golden HIPPO Award recipients are:

HUMANISTIC ¦ Chelsea Roua, Operations Analyst
Chelsea’s ability to sort through complexity, collaborate, and teach others is unparalleled. You never see her seeking recognition for her unconventional approaches to problem-solving. Her thoughtful nature brings balance to her team—the company’s largest group of males.

INTELLIGENCE ¦ John Joba, Integration Architect
John thrives on challenges because he knows they push him to find solutions for any given problem. He consistently asks himself, “How can this be more efficient?” or “How can I make this easier?” and then does it. Co-workers often find their way to John’s desk for inspiration.

PASSION ¦ Jeannie Votaw, Research Manager
Jeannie exudes passion for her work. Challenges, deadlines, and problems inspire her and seem to increase her drive to deliver great work. When working on a complex or challenging project, the positivity she brings helps focus the energy of the team towards a great outcome.

PRIDE ¦ Emily Bolton, Research Manager
Emily’s work ethic is unmatched. She displays pride in all areas of her career—both internally and externally as she embraces challenges as opportunities. Emily’s pride, enthusiasm, and willingness to deliver exceptional quality work is highly contagious.

Other awardees include:

IMPACT SPECIALIST ¦ Hallie Dunklin, Creative Strategist
Hallie’s talents have put creativity at the top of the map for Gongos. She has taken our client deliverables to a whole new level and is helping us to show up differently to our clients. Hallie elevates our work, making our entire company look smarter and more strategic.

ROOKIE ¦ Paige Bruno, Associate Communication Designer
Paige felt like a ‘Gongon’ from day one. She has immersed herself in many different internal initiatives and has gotten to know people across the company. We have thrown Paige into many large projects and she has hit the ground running.

UNSUNG HERO ¦ Stephanie Buckles, Senior Project Manager, Digital Methods
So much of what Stephanie does every day often goes unnoticed. She cares deeply about her clients, coworkers, and respondents; and it shows in the quality work she continually produces. Lastly, she always brings a positive attitude and thoughtful perspective to each project.

SPIRIT OF INNOVATION ¦ Matt Mastej, Senior Programmer, Information Systems
Matt’s restless dissatisfaction to improve our clients’ user-experience allows us to deliver superior results. He doesn’t just point out problems he sees; he proactively offers up tangible solutions. Matt is a true visionary and champion of innovation.