Gongos Appoints Chief Financial Officer & Chief People Officer

Decision Intelligence Company Announces Key Roles Alongside Growth

ROYAL OAK, MI – January 7, 2019 – Gongos, Inc. names Debie Pomorski Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Cheryl Halverson Chief People Officer (CPO), as announced today by president & CEO Camille Nicita. Both women operated in key roles in 2018—a year in which the company fully implemented its business model transformation, namely realigning its people system and relocating its headquarters. Since initiating the transformation in 2015, Gongos has experienced 13% growth in both its revenue and employee base.

“Our evolution demonstrates the significant impact these women have had in helping usher in the company we’ve envisioned for years,” said Nicita. “Our people-centric culture is a differentiator and appointing leaders who are committed to the wellbeing of our employees and helping shape our future is not only important to our company’s growth but to the growth of our people.”

Debie Pomorski, Chief Financial Officer

Pomorski has operated as Vice President, Finance & Administration since joining the company in 2012. In her role, she is responsible for the management of the company’s finances, forecasting and financial reporting, banking and insurance, contract negotiation and legal oversight, and building operations and expansion. Pomorski was instrumental in orchestrating the company’s recent move to Royal Oak and office redesign. She sits on Gongos’ leadership team, as well as Gongos Gives, a team dedicated to giving back to the community.

Cheryl Halverson, Chief People Officer

Halverson has served as the company’s Vice President, People Development & Planning since 2014. As CPO, she drives the company’s people strategy, overseeing a team that manages talent attraction, retention, and development. She represents the voice of the people in strategic decision making to ensure it both fuels and supports the company’s goals and long-term vision. With Gongos since 1998, Halverson has held client service and team management roles, is a member of the leadership team, and works from her home office in Milwaukee.

Gongos ranks #42 among the largest market research organizations in the U.S. Although its clients span the globe, Gongos is committed to remaining a Metro Detroit-based company. With 151 employees, it was recognized as a Crain’s 2018 “Cool Places to Work” and is among Corp! Magazine’s and the Detroit Free Press’ lists of companies recognized for top cultures and best people practices.

As a decision intelligence company, Gongos, Inc. brings a consultative approach in developing growth strategies grounded in operationalizing customer centricity. Partnering with insights, analytics, marketing, strategy and customer experience groups, Gongos serves as a translator to help cross-functional teams fuel the competency to gain and apply consumer wisdom, transform decisions into action, and navigate organizational change. Gongos partners with Fortune 500 clients across multiple industries including Coca-Cola, Mars Wrigley, Kellogg’s, FedEx, U.S. Bank, UnitedHealthcare, and General Motors. For further insight into Gongos, visit gongos.com.