Chief Innovation Officer Greg Heist guest stars on Episode 006 of the Tell Podcast

Greg Heist, Chief Innovation Officer offers his insights on storytelling to help drive organizational change during his guest appearance on the Tell Podcast with Ryan Koral, Founder & President of Tell—a video production agency that helps businesses and non-profits share stories that captivate, influence, and sell.

WTCP-006-Greg-Heist-Graphic-3e all have our strengths & weaknesses, there’s no changing that. But where we choose to focus our limited resources can have huge effects on what we’re able to create & produce.

In this episode, Heist and Koral discuss how empathy for clients and customers can make all the difference in the services delivered, and why it’s not always easy to cultivate; the power of authenticity in branding and marketing; drilling deeper into client desires and motivations behind a project; and focusing on motivating the individuals to bring about large-scale organizational change.

Click here to listen to Episode 006: Focusing on Your Strengths to Innovate & Implement Change.