Consumerview Offers Up-Close Look at Consumers

Gongos Research Takes Online Focus Groups to a New Level

AUBURN HILLS, MI – October 7, 2008 – Time is money. And in the research world, the ability to go face-to-face with consumers from multiple markets is a valued commodity. Gongos Research is streamlining qualitative research by offering ConsumerView, an online method for conducting in-depth, interactive focus groups. By integrating easy-to-use webcam technology, ConsumerView offers the same high-quality insights gathered in traditional focus groups, while reducing travel and time constraints associated with conducting research in multiple markets.

ConsumerView offers a comprehensive approach to qualitative research that includes behind-the-scenes technical management, seasoned moderators and instant documentation of typed, verbal and video responses. A chat feature also allows for “offline” correspondence between clients and moderator. Clients that have already utilized ConsumerView for research include Best Buy, Blue Bunny and Ford Motor Company.

“Clients are responding to our ability to engage customers from multiple markets in one place at one time,” says Tonya Jiles, ConsumerView Product Manager and Senior Project Director for Gongos Research. “By connecting them online, we give our clients the opportunity to allocate more of their research budget to actual research, as opposed to travel and facility costs.”

She adds, “ConsumerView enhances the online experience – often considered impersonal – into lively, interactive focus groups that allow companies to obtain invaluable consumer insights.”

Wells’ Dairy, Inc. recently conducted exploratory research for its number one selling brand, Blue Bunny, by completing six ConsumerView focus groups that engaged consumers in in-depth, face-toface discussions about healthier ice cream choices.

“These groups gave us the ability to move beyond just basic facts,” said Scott Galloway, Consumer Insights and Innovation for Blue Bunny. “They provided more robust insights that allow us to delve deeper into consumer behavior and better prioritize how we offer product features and benefits to meet the evolving needs of our target customers. Overall, the research is enabling us to transform our brand and stay contemporary.”