Consumer Village Offers Respondent Engagement 24/7/365

Ongoing Online Research Community Provides Distinct Advantages Over Consumer Panels

AUBURN HILLS, MI – February 17, 2009 – Faced with unpredictable sales and fluctuating consumer confidence, customer-centric companies continue to look for ways to be more efficient with their market research budgets. To help clients address these challenges, Gongos Research is offering access to Consumer Village—a growing online community of consumers that provides companies with an effective way to conduct both qualitative and quantitative research.

Distinguishing it from consumer panels, Gongos Research established Consumer Village as a socially interactive research network to create an enduring, two-way relationship with consumers. By designing an environment that fosters ongoing discussions among members, Consumer Village generates comprehensive insights that go well beyond traditional online survey methods.

When used for custom online quantitative research, Consumer Village provides significant advantages compared to consumer panels. Ongoing responses from community members allow efficient targeting of consumer segments, as well as the ability to mine insights over time. Consumer Village also exceeds industry standards for data quality:

For exploratory research, flash polls generate quick reads on consumer attitudes or behavior, with responses emerging within 24 hours. Customized dialogues complete the picture, yielding in-depth qualitative feedback with responses that average 70 words.

“Consumer Village has been carefully cultivated to create a deep and enduring relationship with consumers who are eager to share their ideas and opinions,” states Mitch Sanders, Ph.D., Research Director, Analytics for Gongos Research. “We leverage this unique relationship with consumers to provide business insights not possible with traditional qualitative or quantitative methods.”

He adds, “We are especially pleased to give our clients an economical and effective way to understand their customers in today’s economic climate.”

To learn more about conducting research in Consumer Village, email For information on becoming a member of Consumer Village please visit Join Consumer Village.