If there is one thing researchers know, it’s how to unlock the human in their search for understanding. Human-Centered Design (HCD) allows us to bring that human understanding into scalable focus and leverage it in meaningful ways for a customer-centric strategy.

Implementing Human-Centered Design into the day-to-day is where many individuals—and organizations—fall short. That is where we come in.

In our exclusive, interactive, online training, you will be grounded in five ways to practice and infuse HCD into your research fundamentals. You will leave the training with the confidence to create wins for your team by broadening the way you think, collaborate, and influence. An activity guide will also be provided to help you continue to grow your knowledge and build the culture on your team.

Five Ways to Apply Human-Centered Design:

  1. Amplify the consumer voice in existing processes: changing consumers’ role from input/output to stakeholder.
  2. Challenge perspective to be human-centered, but not human only: examining market and consumer cues, future unarticulated possibilities, and present-day expectations.
  3. Be more thoughtful about scoping: ensure you are solving the real problem.
  4. Fearlessly engage ideation: embracing no rules and gut checks over traditions and second guesses.
  5. Build effective innovation pitches: influencing rather than informing through a reason to believe.

To encourage active participation and collaboration, capacity will be limited to 12 participants.

Are you ready to operationalize Human-Centered Design?