Gongos’ Amy Perifanos, Vice President, Design & Creative Communication will join fellow presenters on Day 2 (Making Insights Electrifying) of Viz-Fest 2018 to present “Scaling through Design: How Creative Cohesion Fuels ROI.” 

Viz-Fest 2018 is a week-long webinar series that brings together market-leading experts from both agency and client-side fields to explore data visualization, insight communications, and its importance in the changing market research landscape.

In Perifanos’ session, attendees will learn not only how to best leverage design; but how to scale it beyond the insights function and across audiences. Viewers will be inspired to employ the laws of design scalability to gain buy-in within your organization through three case studies from the packaged food, automotive and healthcare industries.

For more information on Viz-Fest 2018 and/or to register for the webinar series, please visit here.