To rise to the top, you must effectively build global networks, work across business silos, wow internal stakeholders, and maximize vendor partnerships. TMRE: The Market Research Event arms leaders with the skillsets, toolkits and community support to ensure your insights drive bottom line impact.

Stacking the Odds: Building a Learning Library So Everyone Wins: Living in a world of constant flux, decision makers inside organizations strive to balance overarching goals while being reactive to spontaneous requests for knowledge.  Having one foot in the here and now and one foot in the future provides a competitive advantage but is quite difficult to put in practice and maintain momentum. Gongos and Coca-Cola share their journey of capturing the food service industry landscape through the formation of an online knowledge library created to trigger action and inspire stakeholders at every level.

Gwen Brannon, Group Director, Head of Customer & Customer Insights, The Coca-Cola Company
With over 15 years of experience in the consumer and industry insights, Gwen has developed a passion not just for data, but for the power of stories and conversations. After a decade of research platform development, she observed that no matter how strong the data set, adoption was low. This set off a career-redefining move to communicate insights in a revolutionary way – breaking down forces of change and industry disruptors into simple conversations and pushing the thinking of her colleague at Coca-Cola as well as our valued partners. Gwen routinely takes her audience on a journey of learning that shifts their thought from present day results to a future-looking action-oriented perspective that is rooted in deep knowledge of the current industry landscape.

Lisa McFarland, Account Strategist, Gongos, Inc.
A strategic-minded practitioner partnering some of the world’s largest CPG companies for over 15 years, Lisa helps organizations make confident consumer-minded decisions to drive growth. Through cross-functional collaboration among internal and external teams, Lisa guides initiatives that span strategic planning, innovation, brand building, and insight and trend socialization. Lisa’s passion to help develop products that truly resonate in the marketplace fuels her desire to understand the full context of consumers and their relationships with brands.