pp_michael_aliotoJoin us for our session “From Data Libraries to Insight Museums: How the Art of Curation Will Change the Way Organizations Learn & Act on Insights” on Monday at 11:30a (Strategic Communications & Consultative Leadership Track) at The Market Research Event 2014 in Boca Raton, Fl. as Michael Alioto, Vice President, Global, Gongos Research and Amy Perifanos, Senior Director, Arti|fact deliver an insightful parallel between the art world and market research.  As a centuries-old art, we make a case for why curation must be embraced by our industry to make knowledge more consumable, immersive and memorable.

More than 1,300 leading insights executives from companies including Microsoft, GE, 3M, Unilever, ESPN, and Walmart join us at the #1 Insights Event in the world, as we present:


Billions of dollars are spent collecting consumer data. Yet archived away, static data is isolated from the broader corporate wisdom it could incite. The key to enhancing organizational learning lies in crafting engaging and immersive experiences to evoke deeper understanding. Using the Detroit Institute of Arts’ groundbreaking renovation, we will parallel dynamic curated environments in the art world with “insight museums” in ours. We’ll discuss how to contextualize insights & humanize data, perceived wisdom and explore what forms “insight museums” may take.

Looking to boost your level of Decision Intelligence? Following the sessions on both Monday and Tuesday, we will host an extended exhibit space and cocktails in our booth! Whether you prefer your drinks shaken or stirred, stop by and enjoy one (or both) of our three-ingredient IQ + EQ cocktails.