Curtis Kaisner

Join Curtis Kaisner, Director, Qualitative Methods and Michelle Ellis, Moderator as they present “The Quest for the Holy Grail in Qualitative Research” at the 2013 QRCA Annual Conference in San Diego.

You’ve heard a lot about “in-the-moment” mobile qualitative research, but most approaches encompass bulletin boards with pre-recorded video or text responses. With the rollout of 4G technology, there are new ways of leveraging smartphones for a truly mobile experience. Live, synchronous mobile allows you to see and converse with respondents from virtually anywhere. This new mobile approach merges the visual benefits of video diaries with the interactivity of webcam-based focus groups. You can “walk” through stores with respondents, “sit” in their cars, or even “be” at events with them — all without any delays in asking follow-up questions or waiting for responses. Beyond the application itself, smartphone-based live ethnography becomes a value-add to your clients as they socialize their learnings!

This session will provide true-to-life examples along with both implications and best practices to help instill confidence in QRCs as they tackle mobile remote ethnographies. Attendees will leave with an understanding of:

Karen Lindley joins Curtis Kaisner from an outdoor recreation retail chain via our SmartFly™ live mobile ethnography in an encore performance of “The Quest for the Holy Grail of Qualitative Research.”

See a clip from the encore presentation below: