pp_troy_burmeister_smpp_sarah_tarraf_smSarah Tarraf, Director, Analytics and Troy Burmeister, Data Scientist present “Open Up the Open Source Mindset: Tapping into the Data Scientist’s Toolbox to Solve Research Challenges” at Big Data World—a new ESOMAR conference exploring the world of big data with a multi-dimensional approach: from business to marketing strategy, from technology to innovation, from software to artificial intelligence. In short: from big data to smart data!

Kick off your Big Data World experience with this three-hour, hands-on tutorial that will prime you for deeper and more practical learnings throughout the conference.

Set the stage by hearing firsthand about the growing significance of data science and the open source community in research. Then, jump into a four-phase practicum to engage with—and put into play—foundational open source tools to solve a traditional research challenge…all in real-time. Bring your laptops and be ready to learn how to 1) install R and Python and read in data; 2) clean and restructure the data with Python; 3) leverage R to mine the data for insights; 4) create web-ready visuals in Python.

Coming out of this session, you will gain confidence in accessing and applying open source tools to your own data-driven challenges. Specifically, you will have the step-by-step instructions and code needed to install and begin working in two essential open source languages, as well as the structure of code required to perform standard data cleaning and analysis. Throughout the workshop, we will pepper in examples of the advantages of open source in our ongoing work to underscore the impact of these tools in an industry that has long relied on proprietary software and technologies.

Opening up the open source mindset in your organization will encourage innovation, collaboration and efficiencies, and arm you with the contagious spirit necessary to remain relevant in a changing industry.
Sara_Troy at ESOMAR 2Sarah_Troy at ESOMAR

Couldn’t make it to Berlin? No worries! Click here to view the workshop slides and here for the post-conference wrap up.