Miami, FL

Gongos joins Corinium for their 2nd annual Chief Customer Officer USA forum to deliver an encore of “Operationalizing Consumer Centricity as a Strategy for Growth: A Workshop.”  Leveraging Gongos’ DICE Assessment, CCO and CX leaders across industries will assess their organizations’ performance on key customer-centered measures that link back to vision, strategy, execution and communication. Using the attendee’s own DICE results, Gongos will facilitate an interactive discussion related to organizational barriers and near-term opportunities to evolve customer-centric approaches.

Gongos’ Camille Nicita and Sarah Tarraf will host this two-hour breakfast and roundtable discussion with 16 select industry leaders; and partake in peer-to-peer discussions throughout the conference.

The Corinium CCO USA Forum creates a platform of discourse for the evangelism of customer centricity in modern day business, and the sharing of best practices in accelerating the Chief Customer Officer roadmap.


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