Boston, MA

Director, Analytics Sarah Tarraf and Data Analyst Claire Gilbert present “Unraveling Path to Purchase: Untangling the Consumer Journey & Piecing it Back Together” at AMA’s 2016 Advanced Research Techniques (ART) Forum.

pp_sarah_tarrafpp_claire_gilbertAs market researchers, we talk a lot about path to purchase. However, as analysts, we struggle to identify an effective analytic approach to uncover a consumer’s path and make this information actionable to end users. This presentation will provide an overview of a questioning framework and analytic technique used to effectively capture consumer-reported engagement with marketing touchpoints and path to purchase – allowing us to move beyond strictly analytically derived models and integrate the consumer back into consumer path to purchase.

The annual ART Forum explores the latest developments in marketing analytics and develops a network of colleagues who are serious about solving problems and advancing the field of marketing.

Please inquire to Marketing | Media | Speaking Requests on our Connect page for further details on this presentation.


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