Grepp_Crystle_Uyedapp_greg_heistg Heist, Chief Innovation Officer and Crystle Uyeda, Director, Business Development join hundreds of change agents committed to innovation, advancement, and increasing value at MRA’s 5th annual Corporate Researchers Conference in St. Louis. Join us as Greg delivers IQ+EQ: Converging “Big Data” and Primary Research in the Era of Decision Intelligence 

It’s rare to see an analytical model informing research; or an ad hoc study driving a predictive framework. Yet, as data becomes more varied and voluminous inside organizations, so too does the pressure to leverage it to drive business outcomes. Likewise, approaches that uncover why consumers behave as they do continue to support bottom-line strategies. Without empathic knowledge, organizations fail to build their EQ. 

In this session, learn how primary data can, and should, be linked with “hard” data streams to inform smarter decision making. This more “outside in” and holistic way of thinking represents the new norm in building a reciprocal relationship between companies and consumers.