The Surprise is in the Envelope

A greeting card company wanted to optimize its innovation efforts of next-generation novelty cards with its customers, as well as appeal to a more youthful market.

Augmenting its online surveys, a technique called Active Intercept created a virtual buying environment allowing real-time probing and moderating by qualitative experts. This added a rich dimension to the survey, outperforming traditional open-ended queries.

Beyond usage of video and audio during this concept testing, the intercept feature probed deeper into the ‘whys’ behind their choices.  As well as demographics, psychographics and media consumption habits, respondents were chosen based on  their greeting card usage and the retail outlets in which they might expect to see these new card concepts.

The feedback demonstrated the viability of the next generation of novelty cards in the market, and insights on pricing strategies. Additionally, the findings led to the development and launch of a communication plan that included a national multimedia buy designed to reach their target segments for each concept.