Technology & Lifestyle: Unlikely “Fashionistas”

Technology & Lifestyle: Unlikely “Fashionistas”

As a customer-centric organization, this consumer electronics retailer set out to explore the shopping habits of its growing female segment. Not only did it want to learn about her relationships with technology and expectations of the product category, they sought to understand her wants and needs related to her ideal retail environment.

Through the consumer immersion process, a multi-phase research approach explored the irresistible factor associated with her favorite products; uncovered attributes that may increase share of wallet; and strengthened the retail/manufacturer relationship. Online diaries, shop-a-longs, videography, and pre-/post-shopping discussions were also deployed to understand her psyche. From there, we looped in the retailer’s store employees for their perspective.

The research showed that not only does “she” have a need to easily identify points of inspiration and individuality in her store environment, but the store employees play a significant role in creating a lasting and trusting relationship with her.

Enabling company stakeholders to gain a 360?view of this significant female buyer transformed the way the retailer approaches store design, employee training and merchandising to meet not only her specific needs, but other target segments as well.